Wireless Solutions

Wireless, or Wi-Fi, connectivity use to be about coverage. Today we need coverage, but also capacity and security. Organizations demand always available wireless access to everything and from all types of devises. Your company need to deliver a highly secure and high bandwidth solution. End to End has deep experience building wireless networks that perform in office, warehouse, remote, manufacturing and harsh outdoor environments. We take the time to understand your environment and the applications you use to ensure the wireless network can perform optimally, and give you the security needed.

One of the most common issues we encounter is roaming, being able to walk through your building or complex and remain continually connected to your network. If your wireless network is not optimized for roaming you might as well plug users back in with a long Ethernet cable! Wireless is about being mobile. Not a wireless network if you can’t move around? We have worked closely with leading vendors of infrastructure and end user wireless devices to establish a standards that allows seamless roaming throughout large facilities both indoors and outdoors. We will analyze all of the factors that affect performance and using our well-honed skills give you the best of wireless. Our team will make it transparent to users and ubiquitous, the way it should be.  Security for wireless goes beyond the type of encryption you use. You must have a strong authentication method for corporate users, while allowing guests easy access that can be tracked and controlled.

Monitoring and management of the wireless infrastructure is critical to the ongoing operation and security of the network. If a downed Access Point goes undetected, users may still work but experience degraded performance and drops. If a rogue (unauthorized) Access Point is added to the network it can cause interference affecting performance and also creates a major security risk. At End to End, we don’t just monitor the Access Point, we monitor each radio device and frequency for the number of users and actively scan for and detect rogue access points. We compare patterns and watch for unusually activities. And we do this all in real time.

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