When do you need to upgrade?

When thinking about company or office networks , we usually find ourselves asking the question “Do I need to upgrade? “ .   It is very common for companies to take the risk of operating on devices that are outdated, end of life or support and that do not carry a vendor support contract.   Perhaps this doesn’t seem a huge risk on the surface, but like insurance, it only makes sense when you have to use it.  What I mean is that you might go through the life of your business or employment without encountering any issue related to unsupported products, but it’s that one time your network goes down and you no longer can operate, make sales, or operate your business.  This, of course impacts your clients.  Only at this time we all look back and think of how much we potentially would have saved if our devices were up to date.


Outdated, End of Life devices and no vendor support


We all hear and read about the technology rate of growth and I sometimes feel old at my young age when teenagers talk about technology around me!  I found a fitting simple quote that is short but speaks a thousand words

 “An exponential growth is a simple doubling. One becomes two becomes four.” By Peter Diamandis

While technology grows at this rate, so do sophisticated network attacks.  Having a Firewall 10 years ago, might have done the job at some extent, but now attacks are happening at all layers of the OSI model including attacks that are generated from internal users on your network.   Vendors and service providers are continuously upgrading, patching and developing new products to mitigate and prevent attacks.  We continuously work with our clients to ensure these matters are addressed on a regular basis while keeping an eye on vendor’s releases of new patches or new products that would add additional security as required (case by case, as not all clients have the same needs or designs).

So, should you upgrade? The answer is absolutely “yes”  Think of your Cell phone, while you had the second release of an Android phone or an Iphone and you were happy with them at their release dates they might not be as effective anymore without the latest updates and applications.  Don’t risk your business security and run on older generations!

Gus Ijam

National Support Center (NSC) Manager

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