The more things change… The new role of your MSP

We all know the adage: the more things change, the more things stay the same. Not so in the world of IT and Managed Service Providers (MSP). In that world it’s: the more things change, the more things change.

As organizations in virtually every industry make the digital transformation, Managed Service Providers are recognizing that it’s no longer enough to focus on day-to-day operations like device management and deployment. In order to compete, they need the skills to take a more holistic approach and support transformation across the entire breadth of a client’s operations. It’s a tall order.

In 2019

Here’s what you need to know:

Partnerships are in. 
The big kicker for MSP’s these days, is the need to function as a true proactive partner with their clients, rather than a reactive supplier of services. To truly earn their keep, MSPs need to be like an X-ray technician that can dig right into the nuts and bolts of how well their clients are performing. To do this, it is important that MSPs:

  • Understand how clients are leveraging evolving technologies like cloud, IoT and AI, across all units of their business.
  • Are able to integrate and dovetail ticketing, workflow, change management processes and systems with what clients are doing. There is a difference between partnerships in theory and partnerships in execution.

Being smarter is in.
Technology alone isn’t enough. MSPs need to be able to employ critical thinking when it comes to the entire technology life cycle from design, deployment and support.  For MSPs, success comes down to solid IT skills, know-how and the curiosity to continually reinvent yourself during all of these lifecycle phases. MSPs need to make considerable investments in training to ensure this becomes a continuum. Trending in the next gen MSP is seeing a greater utilization level in training versus deployment.

New technology is in.
Of course, given that it is 2019 and AI and machine learning are quickly moving to the forefront of IT development, MSPs need to factor both into how they tailor services for their clients. For MSPs, this can offer exciting new ways to build out their portfolios and provide additional value from both a management, and big data perspective. Next Gen Vendors and MSPs will be the ones who can successfully integrate with client data analytics and metrics management.

Change is constant.
As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to technology and business, nothing stays static for long, if ever. As soon as one problem is solved, another rears its head. If you’re working with, or searching for an MSP, make sure you’re dealing with one that understands that sitting still simply isn’t an option. Certainly, this will come with a price, but next gen MSP’s will deliver things quicker, faster and better than ever before. That said, to truly understand if a MSP is a next gen MSP, you’ll need to take a deep dive into the who and the how. The payoff however, will be a big one.