Pratheep Rajan, PMP

Senior Project Manager

As the Senior Project Manager, Pratheep is responsible for promoting a customer-centric and business-focused approach to service delivery and outcomes, by aligning client business objectives and our service levels. Having obtained degrees in Computer Engineering (B.Eng) and Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation (M.E.E.I.) from McMaster University, along with working in various industries, Pratheep understands the current and changing business needs of our clients. At End to End Networks, he plays an instrumental role in identifying, planning, and prioritizing activities to fulfill the goals of the business.


“In addition to managing projects, my other role is to continuously drive value for our key customers through regularly-scheduled Customer Business Reviews (CBRs) to demonstrate that we are delivering on our promise as an IT partner, and a trusted IT advisor.”

Pratheep Rajan, Senior Project Manager