Heath Freel

President and CTO

In his role as President, Heath focuses his energies on the profitable growth of End to End Networks and delivering a superior customer service experience. Heath is also the Technology thought leader in the company, researching new technologies and anticipating IT trends.

As one of the original five employees who founded End to End Networks in 1993, Heath has worked his way through the ranks, from Tech Support to Projects, to Sales Engineering and then into management where he leads a group of developers who created and are evolving the eView Network Management System.

Heath believes that actions are stronger than words and encourages his team to make decisions independently.

Recognising that students leaving college sometimes have a difficult time finding a job that suits their learned skills, Heath is Chairman of the Planning Advisory Committee at George Brown College, to help facilitate and ensure that the skills students are learning closely represent real world requirements.


“Our teams are established networking professionals.  From myself down, we know the business.  The entire organization is committed to our customer’s success”

Heath Freel, President and CTO