Summer Wrap Up 2017

E2E team at Colin Kressler Tournament

Although it’s officially the end of summer, it feels like summer has just started here in Toronto.  As we enjoy these final warm days of 2017, we’re proud to share one of the highlights of our summer here at End to End Networks.

This year marked the 25th Anniversary of the Colin Kressler Charity Golf Tournament, with all proceeds supporting the Ontario Visually Impaired Association (OVIG).  It also marked the 12th year that End to End has been a proud sponsor of this event.

colin kressler-combo- 2017

Why does End to End continue to support the OVIG and this tournament year after year?  As one of the OVIG members, Iona Gherasim, so eloquently puts it:  “It’s about the Fellowship”

We would like to thank our End to End team, and all of our Customers and Partners for joining us again this year and for their generous support.  It is the fellowship and partnership that inspires us and helps us make a real impact together.

To see about the tournament and highlights, please check it out by clicking on the following link.