Network Architecture

IT Monitoring and Reporting

Data networks are the foundation that companies run their business on. Uptime of corporate resources has become a critical part of any company’s day-to-day operations. End to End Networks’ NetWatch™ portfolio focuses on foundation networks including private (MPLS, point-to-point, leased line) and public (Internet, site-to-site VPN) networks with the key devices being routers, firewalls, switches and access points.

Each company’s needs are different and our service offerings are flexible enough to ensure the corporate backbone is designed to accommodate data networks of any size and complexity.

End to End Networks™ will work with you to determine how the network architecture should work based on your business needs. Key features of the service include:

Site to Site Connectivity

Connect your remote sites to your head office or mesh locations together. End to End Networks can recommend a private or public network based on your corporate applications and size of location(s).

Business Continuance

Create a redundant network using multiple network accesses and devices to ensure uptime. Leverage that solution by shaping traffic over both network accesses optimizing your carrier investment.

Firewall Security

The firewall is the company gateway to the Internet and should be used to properly protect the internal data network from unauthorized access. End to End Networks™ will create the proper security segments for your web and e-commerce servers ensuring business transactions run smoothly while maintaining a strong security posture. For advanced security choose between a variety of gateway-based Anti-X & URL Filtering software options.

Quality of Service

Ensure critical real-time applications such as voice & video have priority when traversing the data network so quality degradation is never an issue.


Enable your office with a secure, fast and reliable wireless network to cut down on your cabling costs.

Mobile Access

To stay competitive, businesses today want to give their employees a variety of options that allows them to work effectively and efficiently. Companies are realizing a Mobile Workforce strategy promotes a healthy work environment, increases employee productivity, and reduces corporate carbon footprints. End to End Networks’ SecureWatch™ Remote Access portfolio enables mobile workers to not only connect to the corporate network from just about anywhere but also collaborate with other employees, customers & partners.

Whether it’s a hosted solution or a deployment at a Client site, our remote access solutions offer a variety of valuable features above and beyond standard remote access:

Connectivity Options

Connect through a web browser from anywhere (SSL) or simulate an in-the-office experience with your corporate laptop.

Secure Meeting

Enables communication between virtual teams by sharing applications in real-time. This easy to use ‘point and click’ Web conferencing tool does not require additional software and can integrate with Microsoft Outlook.

Client Policy Enforcement

Checks remote user machines prior to remote access connectivity to ensure virus & software definitions are up to date and in line with corporate compliance policies.

Remote Access Accounting

Tracks remote user connections and length of connections when acquiring access to the corporate network for auditing and cost allocation.