Cyber Security

As technology evolves and becomes more of a business enabler, the need for additional layers of security has become evident. While security devices such as firewalls have become a standard in data networks, the increasing sophistication of security attacks has allowed the firewall to be bypassed and internal systems to be breached.

The challenges lie with investing in resources, following security best practices, and combating security threats.

SecureWatch™ – our security management solution

Our SecureWatch™ service includes preventative measures which have been designed to minimize security risks, It can also help you to protect your brand, business, and corporate intelligence.

Managing Internet Threats to both block and/or log malicious activity from internal or external agents. All traffic flowing in and out of your data network is monitored based on a predetermined set of rules that will analyze traffic patterns and alarm in the event an attack is detected.

Monitoring Employee Web Access is intended to identify employees misusing company resources by browsing to inappropriate and/or infected websites. Available features include blocking options, comprehensive reporting, and blocking notifications.

7x24x365 Secure Connectivity to corporate information which simulates an in-the-ofice work experience.

Network Access Control focuses on three key things: who, what, and where. IT policies can be evaluated to identify which staff members would have access, from where and which devices have permissible entry to the network.

Log Aggregation is an intelligent auditing solution that collects Syslogs from network devices, so companies can easily identify threats and attempted security breaches.

Multi-factor Authentication allows companies to provide layers of authentication while accessing corporate resources. A token is provided to users to carry and this device generates a new “key” or password every 60 seconds.

Data Protection

With the concerns around privacy and the associated liabilities, companies have the responsibility to ensure their employee, vendor and customer data are properly protected. End to End Networks™ can recommend a variety of solutions that offer protection for your most important corporate asset.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

A common challenge for today’s businesses is how to ensure confidential corporate data maintains its integrity while eliminating potential data loss. With the increase of mobile technologies such as laptops, external hard drives, USB drives and file sharing software, companies are struggling to protect their intellectual property while remaining compliant with ever increasing government regulations. DLP solutions are intended to identify, monitor & audit network activity and protect confidential corporate data through a variety of logging and blocking methods.


Anti-X is still considered an essential part of any security strategy and has evolved to protect both the network gateway & workstation environment. These solutions limit the employee and IT resources that are consumed in a security breach and protect your internal systems from overloading which can result in downtime and lost employee productivity. Several popular Anti-X solutions include:

Anti-Virus software detects, prevents and removes malicious software such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses. These viruses are designed to deliberately interfere with computer operation, record, corrupt, or delete data, or spread to other computers and throughout the Internet.

Anti-Spam software filters out unsolicited & unwanted emails that could potentially contain viruses and phishing links resulting in fraud, identity theft or security issues.

Compliance Consulting

When it comes to compliance, businesses often make the mistake of viewing it as a “checklist” rather than an ongoing process. Too many companies assume their responsibilities are finished once compliance is achieved. The truth is, changes to regulations as well as evolving security threats need to be accommodated.

End to End Networks’ Managed Service portfolio offers several services to assist companies with maintaining their compliance status:

Device Management

Along with pro-active monitoring and notification associated with network downtime, cyber security attacks and application failures, our Managed Services include an automated device configuration back-up process so service restoration can be implemented quickly. Device configuration scanning and compliance reporting can also be added to ensure the necessary security measures are retained.

Change Management

End to End Networks’ Change Management process is well documented and aligned to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards. For those Managed Service clients working with third party auditors, we will present the process for review and acceptance.