With the continuous evolution of the cyber threat landscape, it is vital for companies to be able to protect intellectual property and business systems while having audit capabilities in both internal and cloud based architectures.  Our Cybersecurity portfolio is an all-encompassing multilayered solution designed to meet various corporate compliance and risk tolerance objectives.

All of End to End’s Cybersecurity solutions are fully supported through the superior expertise of our Security Operations Centre (SOC).  With End to End’s Cybersecurity portfolio, clients gain the advantage of SOC resources without the responsibility and capital investment of managing multiple resources and platforms.

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Each cybersecurity solution works to protect different areas of the network environment and places equal value on threat prevention, detection and response.

Threat Management

An all-inclusive approach to network edge security that delivers comprehensive Advanced Threat Defence features.
Web Filtering, Anti-Virus, Application Control, Data Loss & Intrusion Prevention and Zero Day Threat Protection are among the offerings.

Endpoint Protection

Safeguards endpoints such as workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Provides secure and reliable access to corporate networks including real-time detection & patching of vulnerabilities, compliance checks and mail protection so critical assets are always secured.

Event Management & Premium Security Operations Centre

A SIEM-as-a-Service and Human Oversight solution that provides 24×7 cybersecurity intelligence.
Delivers advanced automated consolidation, correlation, and analysis of security events across the entire network. Coupled with Forensic Investigation and Compliance Assistance performed by our in-house SOC analysts, the results are a full-scale response when critical cybersecurity threats are detected.

User Security Education

Trains corporate employees to recognize sophisticated attacks such as phishing and ransomware.
Businesses are able to determine which users are most vulnerable to social engineering and what on-going corporate education requirements are needed.