Managed IT Services and you – a primer

Let’s face it, the world of business has changed. Whether you’re distributing products around the world, providing industry leading software in the cloud or expanding your retail brand to new markets, the role of IT has evolved from a support function to a starring role.

Today, every company, even those within traditional industries, has become a technology company. Across the board, technology is at the centre of every business discussion, cultivating sales and operational excellence, extending global reach, defining competitive advantage and last but not least, driving profitability. For even the most experienced IT teams, it’s a tall order.

These rising expectations mean that today’s IT leaders need to be able to:

  • Respond immediately 7/24/365
  • Effectively manage the onslaught of cyber threats
  • Find, invest and retain already scarce technical expertise and resources
  • Select and implement the right technology toolsets

Failing to meet these expectations leaves the door wide open to industry disruptors. As is becoming abundantly clear, all too often, these disruptors are better at nothing more than the
technological side of whichever business you happen to be in. Thankfully, there is a solution.

“Being a successful business today means being a successful technology company.”
– Cathy Vankesteren, End to End Networks Inc. Senior Vice President

Say hello to Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services should be a key part of every IT investment strategy, as companies determine what to keep in house and what to outsource.  When you’re considering a Managed IT solution, there are a few questions to ask that can go a long way to solving the challenges you face.

What areas of IT are core to your business?

  • Far too often, companies are outsourcing components of their business that should be kept closest. These include core business applications, employee satisfaction and customer experience. Inversely, many companies seem to be hanging onto non-core elements that can be better managed by a trusted partner.

Who should make the decision to hire a Managed IT Services partner?

  • Traditionally, business leaders tend to rely on technology teams to assess and determine what stays and what goes. The problem is, these teams often make their decisions based on what they “like” to do versus what’s in the best interest of the business. This can result in risks, gaps, delays and fragmented operations. Definitely a mindset to avoid.

What should you be paying for Managed IT Services?

  • While there may not be a single-price-for-everyone, as with any product or service, you get what you pay for. The key is to find a partner who’s invested in your business, understands your goals, and wants you to succeed. They should have a program in place with a well-defined scope of services and coverage, along with pricing you can budget around – no surprises. This allows for the flexibility that an ever-changing and growing business demands.

Who should you be considering?

  • The reality is that no single service provider can be all things to all people. What’s more, there is no substitute for experience. The answer is to find an experienced service provider who complements your core business and culture, and can strengthen your IT teams and operations.

What it comes down to is finding a partner that “gets” you.

With the right technology partner, Managed IT Services can give you the confidence you need to plan for the future, allowing you to quickly adapt to new technologies and help drive your core business forward. It really can be that simple.