IOT Security Challenges

iotDisruptive technologies have become the new paradigm not only in IT but across all businesses and industries.  As technology has enabled companies to create operational efficiencies and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, it has also become a way to disrupt those markets and threaten those same companies with irrelevancy.  The Internet of Things (IOT) has equipped the world with an interconnected network of sensors and actuators that can perform numerous functions such as monitoring, data collection and even decision making.  Additionally, IOT is replacing traditional non-technological products introducing new ideas along with new complications.

As companies work to figure out how to apply IOT to their corporate strategies, the underlying concern of security is often forgotten, though most IOT endpoints are open and available on the Internet. Much like Bring Your Own Device, businesses are trying to restrict access and control the IOT endpoint itself as much as possible.  This is usually not practical as it also restricts the ability to retain operational flexibility and it is nearly impossible to track and secure all IOT endpoints.  With IOT, the security of the network is even more important and the security fabric more complex.  Threat intelligence now encompasses a vast range of network, endpoint, application, data centre, cloud, and access security solutions.  It is not enough to have these solutions in place, the expertise is required to know which solutions to implement, how to manage multiple platforms and what reporting is relevant within the security fabric.

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