Does your Collaboration Platform match your Digital Business Strategy?

Digital business is greatly impacting corporate enablement strategies while facilitating a better IT-business dialogue by removing technology from the isolation of the IT department. As digital business moves from an innovative trend to part of the network infrastructure, collaboration is evolving rapidly.  Collaboration used to be IT driven, with multiple systems and architectures cobbled together, allowing employees to take advantage of technical features such as remote access to the corporate network.  A proper collaboration platform can greatly enhance the new digital business paradigm by bringing people and information together, leading to improved participation, simplified business processes and improved workflow.

Collaboration requirements now focus on driving more effective ways of working, raising employee engagement and agility.  Current collaboration platforms integrate and consolidate contact centre, video and presence architectures while eliminating previous issues like technology silos, competing platforms and security concerns. Contact centre solutions allow organizations to unify and streamline the way they communicate and share information by integrating with existing business systems.  Video and presence provide companies with employee and customer engagement options available across multiple devices and endpoints.

The key to a successful collaboration deployment lies in careful planning, proper execution and a stable private network foundation.  Private networks are able to take advantage of integrated infrastructures by utilizing business grade SIP and quality of service features that ensure the collaboration platform is optimized and always available.

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