Wireless Networks & Mobility is Growing and so are Security Threats

Wireless Networks Have Replaced The Traditional Network, But What Does It Mean For Security?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has driven mobility to the forefront of digital business, blending the physical and digital worlds.  The adoption of wireless networks for the new digital workplace drives efficiencies and productivity, allowing companies to create mobile, collaborative working environments for their employees.  Wireless network performance is key for the wireless user community experience as mobility infrastructure and mobility management are becoming the primary vehicle for business applications.

Wireless networks pose more complex challenges than traditional wired networks forcing companies to look at how they design, monitor, manage and secure their wireless environments.  Designing and managing a wireless network that supports high density, multimedia, real-time video and numerous mobile & roaming endpoints is critical for sustaining the new digital workplace.  Additionally, once a company goes wireless, the perimeter created by traditional wired networks disappears, opening the corporate environment up to new security vulnerabilities.

Wireless networks extend beyond physical walls adding a new layer of complexity to a company’s security strategy.  As attacks intensify, become more sophisticated, and the risk of companies losing money and brand reputation increases, it is important to ensure that measures are in place to prevent the wireless network from becoming a vulnerable entry point.

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