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End To End Networks Makes CDN Top 100 Solutions List


End to End Networks made the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers rankings for 2016; also moving up in the rankings for the 3rd year in a row.

The list of 100 of the best IT solution providers was released last Tuesday, April 25th at a gala awards ceremony attended by various channel partners across the country.

End to End Networks is an established provider of Managed Network and Security Services across North America.  For over 24 years, End to End Networks has maintained a reputation for service innovation.  We deliver strategic technology solutions that fit the unique business needs of our clients.

Making the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers list is an achievement that End to End Networks values.  Each year, new companies make it onto the Top 100 list.  In 2016, there were 17 new entries that made the list.  This highlights how End to End Networks continues to grow and deliver to its clients, year after year.

It was a strong year for End to End Networks in 2016, and 2017 will be another great year as well.  Don’t be surprised to see End to End Networks continue to be and rise on the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers List for 2017.

For more information on End to End Networks, feel free to contact us at 905-415-8300 or send us an email at

Daily Bread Food Bank Volunteer Day!


Daily Bread Food Bank Volunteer Day by End to End Networks Inc.

The End to End Networks Inc. team volunteers!!

On Wednesday, April 26th, various members of End to End Networks Inc. volunteered an afternoon at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto.  This was the second year in a row that the E2E team has dedicated extra time to volunteering and supporting the Daily Bread Food Bank.  It was an extremely rewarding afternoon.  In total, the E2E team sorted over 3000 pounds of food, enough to help 153 families.  In the two years volunteering at the Daily Bread Food Bank, the E2E team has sorted out over 9500 pounds of food; helping close to 500 families.  A big thank you to Jennifer Cascao, our Client Services Specialist at End to End Networks Inc. for organizing the whole day.

Besides being an established provider of Managed Network and Security Services across North America for close to 25 years, End to End Networks loves to help and give back the community.  We encourage our clients and business partners to set time out of their busy schedules with their employees, to help the Daily Bread Food Bank in their fight against hunger in the Greater Toronto Area.  It’s not only a great way to give back to our community; it makes you also appreciate the things that we take for granted!

For more information on volunteer opportunities at the Daily Bread Food Bank, please click here for more information.

If your company does a Volunteer Day at the Daily Bread Food bank, we would love to hear from you regarding your experience.

IOT Security Challenges

iotDisruptive technologies have become the new paradigm not only in IT but across all businesses and industries.  As technology has enabled companies to create operational efficiencies and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, it has also become a way to disrupt those markets and threaten those same companies with irrelevancy.  The Internet of Things (IOT) has equipped the world with an interconnected network of sensors and actuators that can perform numerous functions such as monitoring, data collection and even decision making.  Additionally, IOT is replacing traditional non-technological products introducing new ideas along with new complications.

As companies work to figure out how to apply IOT to their corporate strategies, the underlying concern of security is often forgotten, though most IOT endpoints are open and available on the Internet. Much like Bring Your Own Device, businesses are trying to restrict access and control the IOT endpoint itself as much as possible.  This is usually not practical as it also restricts the ability to retain operational flexibility and it is nearly impossible to track and secure all IOT endpoints.  With IOT, the security of the network is even more important and the security fabric more complex.  Threat intelligence now encompasses a vast range of network, endpoint, application, data centre, cloud, and access security solutions.  It is not enough to have these solutions in place, the expertise is required to know which solutions to implement, how to manage multiple platforms and what reporting is relevant within the security fabric.

To review your IOT security requirementsplease contact your End to End Networks’ sales representative at 1-877-363-2363 or 905-415-8300 or

When do you need to upgrade?

When thinking about company or office networks , we usually find ourselves asking the question “Do I need to upgrade? “ .   It is very common for companies to take the risk of operating on devices that are outdated, end of life or support and that do not carry a vendor support contract.   Perhaps this doesn’t seem a huge risk on the surface, but like insurance, it only makes sense when you have to use it.  What I mean is that you might go through the life of your business or employment without encountering any issue related to unsupported products, but it’s that one time your network goes down and you no longer can operate, make sales, or operate your business.  This, of course impacts your clients.  Only at this time we all look back and think of how much we potentially would have saved if our devices were up to date.


Outdated, End of Life devices and no vendor support


We all hear and read about the technology rate of growth and I sometimes feel old at my young age when teenagers talk about technology around me!  I found a fitting simple quote that is short but speaks a thousand words

 “An exponential growth is a simple doubling. One becomes two becomes four.” By Peter Diamandis

While technology grows at this rate, so do sophisticated network attacks.  Having a Firewall 10 years ago, might have done the job at some extent, but now attacks are happening at all layers of the OSI model including attacks that are generated from internal users on your network.   Vendors and service providers are continuously upgrading, patching and developing new products to mitigate and prevent attacks.  We continuously work with our clients to ensure these matters are addressed on a regular basis while keeping an eye on vendor’s releases of new patches or new products that would add additional security as required (case by case, as not all clients have the same needs or designs).

So, should you upgrade? The answer is absolutely “yes”  Think of your Cell phone, while you had the second release of an Android phone or an Iphone and you were happy with them at their release dates they might not be as effective anymore without the latest updates and applications.  Don’t risk your business security and run on older generations!

Gus Ijam

National Support Center (NSC) Manager

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E2E Finance Team Donation Many Thanks!

Many Thanks goes out to our End to End Finance team who contributed 10 Kindergarten backpacks before the start of the school year that will be distributed to downtown Toronto children in need. Martinrea a long standing client of ours participates in this annual donation organized by St. Patrick’s Church of Markham. The issue of poverty does not go away. This act of compassion by our finance team brightens the faces of the receiving children and lightens the burden of the parents that struggle to make ends meet and hopefully evens the playing field somewhat for these children.

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